Cisco pushes to expand video conferencing

Cisco is reportedly planning a huge push for products such as its video conferencing systems in a bid to encourage a new era of “pervasive video”.

As reported by Investor’s Business Daily’s J. Bonasia, Cisco already plays a fundamental role in the provision of telepresence, video conferences, streaming video clips and other areas of online video. Aside from supplying a variety of video capture and display equipment – such as the company’s brand name telepresence studios – Cisco supplies much of the infrastructure needed for video conference services; network equipment such as switches, routers, servers and bridges.

However the company foresees a much bigger future. Martin De Beer, senior VP of the company’s emerging technology group, says that though video makes up half of all internet traffic today Cisco expects this to jump to a staggering 90% by 2013.

“Traffic is moving from information to rich media and that calls for a fundamental change in technology,” says De Beer.

According to Investors, Cisco has invested billions in researching new video products and in purchases of video-related firms. The company is not only driving standards for picture quality and transmission, but also for interoperability and flexible configuration, such as with the newly introduced Medianet architecture which allows easier integration of plug-and-play video devices.

Guido Jouret, chief technology officer for the emerging technology group, says that many of their business video conferencing customers are using the new platform to extend internal events to outside partners or customers – providing live interaction via video or a thorough record of keynote speeches and workshops retrievable from any location.

“Two years ago, our customers would ask, ‘why video?’ ” says Jouret. “Now they’re asking, ‘how video?’ ”