Cisco granted 10,000th patent in 21 years

Telecoms giant Cisco has been granted its newest patent, taking its total to the 10,000 milestone, reports.

The firm has applied for thousands of patents during the past 21 years after its first (which improved efficiency in touring communications among computer networks which went on the lay the foundations for the internet’s emergence) was granted back in 1992.

Now, after being approved on its application for another to create a simple and accurate way of indicating presence, Cisco has taken its total to 10,000.

Many of these patents involved Cisco’s impact on the video conferencing and telepresence industry, which it helped drive forward over many years. The sheer volume of telepresence-related patents even prompted the company’s executive vice president Pankaj Patel to note it in a run-down of Cisco’s most groundbreaking innovations.

Patel wrote for that the continued awarding of patents is a “proof point” that speaks to Cisco’s future vision, which will include the revolutionary “Internet of Everything”.

“Each and every Cisco patent is a valuable and unique technical contribution in its own right and the portfolio includes important building blocks of our innovative products and services, from our core routing and switching products to TelePresence, our Unified Computing System, the Catalyst Switch 6500 Series, WebEx, to name just a few examples,” Patel added.