Cisco announces new telepresence range

Communications giant Cisco has unveiled a new telepresence system that’s designed to transform the business landscape through workplace collaboration.

PC Advisor reports that the new TX9000 and TX92000 telepresence suites, which feature three-mighty 1080p 60fps screens, are designed for “high-intensity” collaboration purposes, such as brainstorming and planning sessions, or even critical problem resolution scenarios.

With scope to accommodate up to six users, or 18 in the more advanced TX9200 suite, the telepresence technology provides native interoperability support for SIP, BFCP, H.264 and Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP).

Furthermore, unlike some telepresence suites, the TX9000 doesn’t require additional lighting or audio support.

Although what’s most exciting about the TX9000 and TX9200’s release, is that the suites can be set up within just two days, says Jeff Seifert, CTO of Cisco Canada.

“We have reduced the complexity of the hardware and chassis which makes it much simpler to install, and reduces costs,” Seifert said on

“It also requires 20 per cent less bandwidth than its predecessors while providing the same quality, so there are further savings there,” he added.

Communications industry analyst Maribel Lopez from Lopez Research says the release shows Cisco is serious about its commitment to bringing truly collaborative features to the marketplace.

“The goal for Cisco is to change what collaboration means. For example, no vendor is the established choice for doing secure cross-company collaboration with video and document sharing and repositories,” she said.