Cisco announces new cloud solutions

In order to help businesses manage their cloud computing system, Cisco has released an entirely new framework.

Designed to help businesses “build, manage and connect to public, private and hybrid clouds”, the framework has been named ‘Cisco CloudVerse’.

What’s more, explained that Cisco is pushing the framework as the “first door on which potential cloud-system buyers can knock”.

According to a report on, Cisco is aiming to help businesses adopt an “efficient” approach to their cloud storage; potentially meaning that those companies choosing to rent out video conferencing facilities will have no problem accessing any information they need mid-conference, as it will all be on hand.

Although previously known for its video conferencing and networking solutions, Cisco is now turning its attention to other technologies. In fact, one market analyst – Zeus Kerravala – has explained how the company is trying to get ahead of the game with cloud technology.

“CloudVerse is interesting because while other companies are trying to figure out what they are going to do in the cloud, Cisco is providing a framework to help,” said Kerravala.

“Cisco has forecast cloud adoption in its recent index, and they are the first company to do that. Now, they are offering the elements to help drive that adoption.”