Cisco and Prysm collaborate to create immersive videowall

A new high-definition videowall, which allows users to interact via telepresence whilst simultaneously sharing collaborative applications, has been launched by Cisco and Prysm.

The companies have collaborated to create an interactive cost-effective wall that can be used in telepresence studios of all sizes.

The walls come either with a 117-inch or a 190-inch diagonal diameter and there is touchscreen capabilities that can be added or removed.

In an interview with, Prysm CEO Amit Jaun explained that the company was keen to allow telepresence users to share content without a decline in image quality.

He said: “Enterprises should have one meeting screen in front of them that they can use for multiple functions. The touchscreen capability allows users to move content around, make annotations without a separate whiteboard screen and see other [meeting attendees] on one wall.

“Our display technology allows users to see the screen at the same image quality from every angle with effective brightness and colour.”

The first videowall created by Prysm could be used for video conferencing, but was mainly used for digital signage displays. According to, this new product has a 77 per cent greater resolution and a 50 per cent faster refresh rate than the original.