CBI says use Video Conferencing

UK needs to harness video conference technologies to cut congestion

According to a report by the CBI, the UK needs to harness technologies such as video conferencing, if it is to cut congestion on its roads. The survey, called ‘Tackling Congestion, Driving Growth’, found that 80 per cent of businesses see travelling on the UK’s roads as ‘vital’ to their business. Nevertheless, 96 per cent of businesses wanted to see the government making a concerted effort to tackle congestion, particularly in the rush hour.

Road congestion is estimated to cost the economy around £8bn per annum and is set to increase dramatically over the next ten years. The CBI outlined ways in which congestion could be curtailed, citing video conference technologies as being an important way in which businesses can tackle time and money spent on the roads, as well as promoting more flexible working patterns.

The report comments that by implementing video conference facilities, businesses can adopt more modern communications technologies, rather than travelling to meetings across the country. This move will save travelling costs for companies, as well as reducing congestion on the UK’s road network.

The government previously announced that by 2012, all homes and businesses should have access to broadband. With the UK falling behind its European compatriots on this promise, this is a worry to video conferencing technology. The CBI survey has therefore urged government to step up on its broadband promise to enable companies to utilise the ‘green’ technology that is video conferencing. Eyenetwork, of course, agrees. The more organisations and industry bodies which promote video conferencing the better.