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Video Conferencing & the Legal

The legal sector is undergoing big changes some of which are bringing challenges to its traditional operating practices. For many law firms and courts the new business structures present new obstacles that need to be overcome as smoothly as possible in the rapidly evolving legal landscape. Law firms must adapt and prepare new and innovative solutions to deliver their expertise to their clients, which are becoming increasingly demanding expecting an exceptional service.

The key to future success is finding effective and alternative ways of communication both internally with staff and externally with clients, suppliers and associates which provides the foundation of future success in the legal market. Companies must adapt their working practices to meet the evolving forces of progression, one of the most obvious being the change in the needs and behaviours of the client. They are expecting more flexibility, accessible methods and service on demand and if law firms are to prosper they need to deliver the best client experience possible.

One of the top priorities is to upgrade or implement a new IT and communications system. Video conferencing is one of the new platforms that enable easy communication as it is accessible and user friendly. It is crucial to deliver an exceptional service so choosing a professional video conferencing provider is important. It is an effective way to achieve service differentiation and aid the operational practices allowing the service to flex and respond efficiently to market changes and client demands.

If a professional video conferencing room cannot be offered in a certain location, witnesses can be connected from their own devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones). The results can include faster decision making, greater opportunities for collaboration, lower costs and more effective communications as well as minimum disruption to the busy schedules of the witnesses. In the legal sector, video conferencing is the way of the future.


Yes we are a video service company but…..

When a product does exactly what it promises and more, it can develop almost a cult following. Think iPhone, 3 Series, red soles. You almost don’t need the company brand to know what I’m talking about.

OK, so maybe the Cisco SX10 doesn’t quite stir the same emotions as a sleek BMW or a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. But I can tell you that people are buying into the announcement Cisco made when they launched this entry-level video conferencing solution:  “High quality, simplicity, and affordability come together to create a practical and powerful business class solution for video ubiquity – all at about the price of a PC.”

Over the past 18 months since they launched the SX10, customers have validated the product with their wallets and their feedback. Even the toughest critics agree.  (see Wainhouse link)

I’ve put some of the key customer buying arguments below:
Affordability:  “It is not just the SX10’s low cost that makes it interesting … low cost doesn’t mean a loss of manageability.”
Experience: “Without exception, the SX10-powered call experience was very strong … sometimes far better, than that of competing systems – many with much higher price tags.”
Ease of use: “… the SX10’s UI is almost identical to the UI on the SX20 and SX80 systems, the MX-series systems … The result is a simplified and consistent user experience.”
Design:  “… the SX10 is based on an advanced industrial design. The WR test team was impressed by the careful attention to detail on the unit.”
Installation: “Such creative workflows not only reduce installation cost, but also enable the use of less experienced / trained staff.”

So if you are in search of a great, entry-level video solution and you haven’t experienced the SX10 for yourself, you have nothing to lose. The SX10 has been validated enough to just about remove all the guesswork. Give it a try and let me know how you do.

Marco Faassen – VisionsConnected


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