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Video Conferencing & the Legal

The legal sector is undergoing big changes some of which are bringing challenges to its traditional operating practices. For many law firms and courts the new business structures present new obstacles that need to be overcome as smoothly as possible in the rapidly evolving legal landscape. Law firms must adapt and prepare new and innovative solutions to deliver their expertise to their clients, which are becoming increasingly demanding expecting an exceptional service.

The key to future success is finding effective and alternative ways of communication both internally with staff and externally with clients, suppliers and associates which provides the foundation of future success in the legal market. Companies must adapt their working practices to meet the evolving forces of progression, one of the most obvious being the change in the needs and behaviours of the client. They are expecting more flexibility, accessible methods and service on demand and if law firms are to prosper they need to deliver the best client experience possible.

One of the top priorities is to upgrade or implement a new IT and communications system. Video conferencing is one of the new platforms that enable easy communication as it is accessible and user friendly. It is crucial to deliver an exceptional service so choosing a professional video conferencing provider is important. It is an effective way to achieve service differentiation and aid the operational practices allowing the service to flex and respond efficiently to market changes and client demands.

If a professional video conferencing room cannot be offered in a certain location, witnesses can be connected from their own devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones). The results can include faster decision making, greater opportunities for collaboration, lower costs and more effective communications as well as minimum disruption to the busy schedules of the witnesses. In the legal sector, video conferencing is the way of the future.

A typical day – view from the Eyenetwork office

So today at Eyenetwork we…..

Setup 56 video conference meetings using public facilities in 15 countries, of which 5 were legal cases, 2 were conferences for Global institutions, 2 for law firms, 3 for UN organisations, 5 for recruitment agencies, shall I go on?

Additionally we managed and monitored (more…)