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Telepresence VS Video Conferencing

 At Eyenetwork we offer our customers video conferencing as well as telepresence services. But what is the difference between them? Quite often people get confused (more…)

Cisco simplifies SMB partner specialisation

Cisco has announced updates to its SMB (small to medium-sized business) partner specialisation.

The American networking company has made the process simpler by reducing the amount of training hours partners need to qualify for the scheme from 15 down to four.

The new specialisation was revealed by (more…)

Young workers give resounding support to video

Young professionals have given a huge vote of confidence to video conferencing and telepresence by claiming they have a positive impact on business, reports.

A global report undertaken by Cisco saw 1,315 young professionals quizzed on how they viewed the use of video in the workplace. In total, some 87 per cent said (more…)

Simulate eye contact in video conferencing conversations

New software which makes it easier for video conferencing services to simulate artificial eye contact has been developed in Switzerland.

Scientists from the Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich have managed to use facial recognition software to create the illusion of eye contact during video conference conversations.

Intelligence like this has already (more…)

Cisco and Prysm collaborate to create immersive videowall

A new high-definition videowall, which allows users to interact via telepresence whilst simultaneously sharing collaborative applications, has been launched by Cisco and Prysm.

The companies have collaborated to create an interactive cost-effective wall that can be used in telepresence studios of all sizes.

The walls come either with a 117-inch or a (more…)

Cisco granted 10,000th patent in 21 years

Telecoms giant Cisco has been granted its newest patent, taking its total to the 10,000 milestone, reports.

The firm has applied for thousands of patents during the past 21 years after its first (which improved efficiency in touring communications among (more…)

Work/life balance is a ‘national concern’

A business expert has called employee work/life balance a ‘national concern’, according to

Mark Bull, managing director of recruitment firm Randstad UK, claimed that more needs to be done to help employees with flexible working in order to reduce the amount of workplace pressure. His comments come after research shows that (more…)

Sales of telepresence robots increase

Sales of telepresence robots are increasing as more businesses recognise the cost benefits and flexibility of the technology, reports

Described as a radically different approach to videoconferencing, the technology allows people to move through buildings or offices via a remote controlled (more…)

Popularity of telepresence may only rise

Developments in the industry have taken telepresence from being a “tolerated” office tool to being one of the most important investments a company can make, reports.

This claim was made by tech expert Rowan Trollope, who said that technological advancements have made telepresence more central to business operations than ever before. (more…)

Telepresence playing a huge role in industry, reveals Cisco manager

Effective communication and collaboration are two vital practices that businesses need to focus on in order to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

That’s the advice given by Tatchapol Poshyanonda, country manager for Cisco Systems Thailand, who believes the ability to immediately engage employees, suppliers (more…)