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Skype launches intrusive Conversation ads

Quite quickly after taking it over, Microsoft has brought a new element to Skype – big Conversation Ads in the middle of your call.  Just like YouTube, Skype is now taking on advertisements along their calls making companies and their products and services part of the Skype conversation experience.

The in-call ads will be (more…)

Microsoft discontinues SkypeKIT

From December 31st 2013  Microsoft will discontinue SkypeKit.  It will not be possible for Skype users to join video conferences held on Blue Jeans.  Blue Jeans has successfully promoted Skype integration as a USP and many companies opted for the Blue Jeans solution because they wanted PC’s and laptops running Skype to connect to their video conference systems.

Why? Because Microsoft has decided to stop (more…)

Skype investigated for links to NSA ‘spying’

We’ve mentioned Skype security issues before in this blog,

And now it has been revealed by The Guardian that the Microsoft owned communication company is being investigate by the data protection commission for possibly cooperating with National Security Agency’s PRISM Program.

Gerard Lommel, Luxembourg’s data protection commissioner, initiated the investigation (more…)