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CO2 footprints need to be cut by 90% by 2050

Research indicates that carbon emissions need to be reduced drastically in the next decades. The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change stresses the urgency of cutting our CO2 footprints for 90 % by the year 2050. (more…)

Video conferencing and climate change

A personal view of why we should all be video conferencing from Eyenetwork co-founder Paul Dickinson.

The Fifth Assessment Report of the Inter governmental Panel on Climate Change delivered a shock last month (search Google for IPCC AR5). Two weeks ago I was in Parliament for a briefing and a top government scientists said that by early next century, there is a 50% chance that the temperatures will be as different from today, as today is different from the last ice age. Help! That is so frightening! (more…)

Green app to encourage eco-working

A new mobile phone app which encourages employees to be ‘more green’ was launched yesterday (October 2nd).

CloudApps, a sustainability software firm, has developed SuMo – an employee engagement app which uses gamification to reward good ‘eco’ behaviour, (more…)

Video conferencing part of “Zero Carbon Vision” for UK

A new study exploring how the UK can cut back on its annual carbon dioxide transmissions by focusing on the transport sector has been published, predicting how the use of technology such as video conferencing as well as financial and behavioural changes could help create a near 100% reduction in CO2 emissions from transport.

“Towards a Zero Carbon Vision for UK Transport”, written by (more…)