Cardiff city council to use video conferencing

Video conferencing is set to play a large role in the revamp of Cardiff City Centre’s council offices.

The council recently announced that it would be drastically changing the face of its public sector work environment with the consolidation of 51 council buildings into a hub of just four.

Green initiatives are said to have been the key factor when instigating the change, with the council utilising video conferencing technology to lower the cost and environmental factors of business travel. Under the old scheme, the council spent around £6 million every year on energy costs alone.

The traditional scheme of working in ‘booths’ is also being ushered out, with a more fluid programme for open-plan working unveiled in its place.

Speaking of the changes afoot, Cardiff City Council’s executive member for finance, councillor Mark Stephens, told “To have 51 offices in a city this small is excessive.

“We need to get that down. It will produce significant savings on cost and carbon, which will be important for us to meet our carbon commitments.”

Whilst the council understands that initial work will be costly, it claims to be able to claw that back over time. A spokesperson told how the building costs “are offset in the medium term by facility management and lease rental savings of circa £1.6 million per annum.”