Businesses urged to snub free video conferencing software

Businesses have been urged to use high-quality video conferencing products, rather than relying on free non-standard alternatives.

In a document released this week, Cisco researchers Michael L. Katz and Bryan Keating pointed out that many firms using free video conferencing software might find themselves unable to connect with all their clients.

According to, it was argued that the majority of free software users can only interact with those using the exact same technology as them. This could leave them unable to access the growing number of companies who offer employee training or healthcare advice via video stream, it was claimed.

Businesses who want to ensure they have access to all the latest video technology may want to consider researching the professional video conferencing facilities in their area. These studios are constantly checking and upgrading to the newest technology meaning users may be able to get the most out of these communications.

Nevertheless, Brian Riggs, of telecom market analysts Current Analysis, agreed that something should be done to encourage better connectivity standards for those using free software.

Speaking to, he added that some suppliers of such software haven’t been “friendly to standards and interoperability.”

However, there are no signs of this changing anytime soon so it would appear that high-quality video software will remain the way to go in the near future.