Businesses speak of the benefits of video conferencing

Companies who took on video conferencing to save costs are finding that it helps in many other ways too.

In a blog for Information Week, Kevin Casey spoke to numerous firms who have taken on the technology.

He discovered that the original reason for doing so has been eclipsed by the numerous other benefits video conferencing offers.

Citing IT consulting firm Captech, Casey noted how the business uses video conferencing not just to lower travel costs but also to make its employees and clients – many of whom are based hundreds of miles away from one another – feel much closer. This helps to build stronger relationships.

The firm has now claimed its video conferencing affords the business a more encompassing feel that brings people together for business, regardless of their location.

“It’s one thing if you talk on the phone to someone – you hear their voice, you hear what they’re saying, or you read what they’re saying in an email,” Captech’s IT manager Brett Bajcsi told Information Week.

“But you can’t read them. Video conferencing allows you to do that.”

Bajcsi also noted that the business has gone on to use video conferencing to improve its recruitment process, all the while reducing the costs incurred in traditional recruitment techniques.

His comments were echoed by telepresence expert Ken Davison. Speaking to, he explained that given the advances video conferencing has seen in recent years – as well as the innumerable success stories – the technology is already changing the way business is done.

“I want to transfer as much information as I can and get as much out of you as I can during an interaction,” he explained. “When you say I’ll get back to you on email we’re not getting the right conclusion from a meeting.”