Business conferencing needs reliability, law firm claims

A law firm in Australia has reiterated the need for good-quality video conferencing services, according to Johnson Winter & Slattery (JWS) is currently expanding the video conferencing facilities in its offices.

Using dedicated rooms has proved to be effective for the law firm, giving it a professional image. Ross Forgione, CIO of JWS, said: “It’s about the level of professional presentation and the ability to stream and have that more immersive experience.

“If I’m using Skype to talk to my dad, I don’t care if it goes click sometimes or the connection goes down. When you’re in a corporate environment and you’re doing deals or you’re looking out for the best interests of your client, the clarity of the image and the distribution of that content adds to the message you’re driving towards. I don’t believe you can compare the two.” reports that JWS has found video conferencing a useful method for finding new members of staff. It has also increased interaction within the workforce as a whole as well.

Engineering company Aurecon has also praised the benefits of having video conference solutions for businesses – with the IS strategy and architecture manager, Barry Honey, pointing out that the firm actively encourages staff to use video, rather than traditional telephone conference calls.