Brits spend £8 billion a year on parking

Brits are spending a combined £8 billion a year on car park fees, according to new research.

Figures gathered by have indicated that parking charges in the UK have risen by 12.5 per cent in the past year.

Parking fees can cut a significant chunk of many employees’ wages before they have even received them. Many businesses invest in video conferencing services in order to avoid wasting money on their employees travel expenses.

In an interview with The Press Association, local government minister Brandon Lewis admitted that these figures were too high.

He said: “We are quite clear that councils shouldn’t be using residents as cash cows in a bid to raise revenue. Instead, local authorities should be saving money through better procurement, cutting fraud, more joint working and using transparent to drive out waste.”

It’s not just increased fees that are driving motorists potty either. More than 60 per cent of motorists spend between six and 20 minutes looking for a space on average whenever they park the car. According to, almost one in three admitted they didn’t feel safe in public car parks.

Almost a quarter of motorists have had an argument in a car park and 11 per cent of these arguments involved physical violence.