British public anticipates growth of video conferencing

A new report has shown that the majority of people in the UK expect businesses to take up widespread use of video conferencing technology by the end of the year.

Techworld reports that new research from Cisco, one of the biggest names in video conferencing solutions, shows that 61% of people in the UK expect to be able to conduct work and business meetings via video conference by the end of 2010. This figure may seem striking as currently many companies are missing out on the benefits of video conferencing services, yet other findings from the survey reveal that the British public has an optimistic belief in the possibilities of modern technology.

The report also identified what the public believes are the main barriers to more widespread use of technological innovations.

The availability of the proper technology, such as broadband access, was seen as the major barrier to wider use of video conferencing by most of the public (24%). This may soon change though, as 65% of respondents said that by 2015, improvements to the UK’s communication infrastructure would make internet connections of 100mbps a possibility for users across the UK.

One video conferencing solution that the public were less confident about was the use of telemedicine – visiting a GP through a teleconference facility. Only 11% think they will be able to do this by the end of the year, though 52% believe that it will be possible within the decade, with 68% saying it will definitely be possible within their lifetimes.