Cloud Computing Helps Green Businesses

Cloud computing or using remote servers to store data and software is giving us the ability to change the world of business. All one needs to access the cloud is an internet connection and this enables business data to be stored and updated in one central location.

Not only is this practical, but it helps businesses be greener. A study at Microsoft revealed that small and medium businesses can actually reduce their activities on the environment by using cloud technologies. The use of these technologies reduces costs and leads to more flexible working practices. A 2010 study from Microsoft revealed that moving business applications to the cloud can reduce carbon footprints up to an amazing 90 %. Additionally, another recent study by cloud computing app provider Salesforce showed that their customers produced 95% less carbon, on average, than those running equivalent software on their own servers.

Cloud computing can definitely make an impact on small businesses. It can reduce power consumption by decreasing hardware requirements as you will no longer need an in-house server but only an internet connection to access your resources. . Also, by digitalizing all documents we are reducing the reliance on natural resources such as paper. Going paperless eliminates printing and therefore reduces waste.

A problem with small companies using their own servers is that they never use 100 % of their computing power 100 % of the time. This means that most of the time the server is using power without doing anything productive. Cloud computing means, that small companies only use the technology and with that the energy that they need.

Every company owner should be aware of their responsibilities towards the environment. Using cloud computing technology allows small, green businesses to work more efficiently and become more eco-friendly, and gives green start-ups the kick start they need to get off the ground.

Here at Eyenetwork we care about the environment, so we are taking little steps to play our part in the reduction of carbon footprints. Video Conferencing is one of the ways to reduce CO2 emissions as it eliminates travelling and saves time and money.