Video Conferencing in music education

Video Conferencing in music education

Video conferencing is constantly breaking through in new fields and an interesting example can be found in the Mora High School music department, where they offer their music students live lessons through video conferencing.

The idea started as a pilot project and initially received some hesitation from the teachers, but it quickly developed into a project serving over 1500 students. The reason behind the online lessons was to offer rural students access to the best teachers and programs only available far away in urban areas.

With the help of video conferencing students are able to have live lessons, interact with their instructors and receive feedback and support. It is an exciting project, because it eliminates the costs of travel expenses and at the same time helps boost skills, develop sound, rhythmic precision, general musical understanding, performance skills and preparation.

It is very interesting to see how with video conferencing one is able to create so many different opportunities for education, business and many other areas. But it is also important to keep in mind that such projects require experienced and reliable support and therefore for a truly satisfactory opportunity it is a good decision to leave your video conferencing needs with professionals such as Eyenetwork.

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