Microsoft discontinues SkypeKIT

From December 31st 2013  Microsoft will discontinue SkypeKit.  It will not be possible for Skype users to join video conferences held on Blue Jeans.  Blue Jeans has successfully promoted Skype integration as a USP and many companies opted for the Blue Jeans solution because they wanted PC’s and laptops running Skype to connect to their video conference systems.

Why? Because Microsoft has decided to stop supporting ‘Skype Desktop API’ and ‘Skype Kit API’, therefore developers and service providers are unable to integrate their applications with Skype.

What to do now….so this is the time to break free from the murky waters of Skype and step into the light.  Users of paid for software experience an improved service, higher quality video connection and most importantly secure meeting when using professional video solutions designed for businesses in mind.

So in essence Microsoft is doing you a favour forcing users to adopt a new and better solution. For 17 years Eyenetwork has strived to offer the best quality video experience for our customers and we believe our desktop solution powered by Vidyo offers the perfect balance of usability/security and quality.

Contact us for a free 2 week trial to see how much better the quality is compared to free video conference software products.