Battling Climate change with Video Conferencing

In the last few years climate changes are more obvious than ever before: glaciers are receding dramatically, rainfall and snow are becoming more and more unpredictable and even the patterns of the seasons have began to change.  What we are facing is the so called ‘’green house effect’’ and scientists have discovered that the major culprit for this is the increase in CO2 emissions and travel is one of the major contributors.  A lot of business travel is done with airlines which adds to increasing carbon footprints. Statistics show that in 2011 roughly 200 million passengers passed through the main UK airports. Researchers predict that these numbers will grow to 225 million in 2020 and 313 million in 2030. Businesses need to take these facts seriously and think of creative ways to minimize their part in the pollution caused by travelling.

Many companies have started using video conferencing in order to help beat the climate change. And not only are they reducing their carbon footprints but also reducing travel costs which is a big plus in a competitive and crowded global market. Also, it has been observed that their workers are under much less stress and have shown increased productivity in the work area. With the available technology it is no longer necessary to leave the office or travel long distances in order to take part in a conference. It is easy to book video conference facilities worldwide, or connect to a meeting with the help of a laptop or telephone and have the advantage of contributing to a meeting from the comfort and safety of your office or even from home.

There is no single solution to the very real problem of climate change but businesses can make a large direct and indirect impact by taking small steps and influencing their employees, partners and competition by setting an example. In the long run it brings positive results and with the unpredictable weather in the recent years it is a sensible approach to conducting business in order to avoid complications or delays. Video conferencing could be seen as one small step for a business, but once more businesses start following this example, it will present a giant leap toward saving the planet.

So don’t delay, you can start video conferencing today without having to buy any equipment.  Use one of our public video conference facilities
and take a small step in the right direction.