The advantages of video conferencing for recruiters

Video conferencing has been used by recruitment companies and HR departments for many years now.  The advantages of video conferencing over traditional methods are many.  Recruiters can interview many candidates from across the globe in a short time frame.  They don’t need to pay for flights, hotels and other expenses, also the video meeting can be recorded and can be accessed via a browser for later viewing.  If there are no public facilities convenient for the candidate, using Eyenetwork’s bridging service we can connect up desktops and laptops to traditional video conference facilities.  Eyenetwork tests call connections before the meeting and will advise the recruiter if we do not consider the laptop connection good enough for a meeting

Earlier this week we had the following scenario for our video bridging service for one particular recruiter based in the USA.

The requirement:

To connect and record a three hour session of high level interviews.  The five interviewers were in separate geographical locations the following cities: Sao Paulo, Edinburgh, New York, Lima, Rome.  The candidates who were to be interviewed were in: Recife, Brazil, Boulder, USA, and Mexico City.

The solution:

Utilising our bridging services alongside our Vidyo powered desktop solution we seamlessly connected and recorded the five interviewers and the candidate, enabling all parties involved to be seen on one screen at all times, and all for less than £3000. Three of the interviewers used a public video conference facility and the other two were connected on their laptops. All candidates were booked into a public video conference facility.

This type of meeting would be almost impossible using traditional methods, trying to fly 8 individuals to one meeting room would not only be a logistical nightmare, but very expensive and time consuming for all involved.