This message should be at all video conference facilities

A picture posted recently by grunzook on flickr made the Eyenetwork team laugh.

The sign is apparently at a video conference facility at the ABC radio Melbourne.

Do you think it is a bit heavy handed?  At Eyenetwork we arrange hundreds of video conference meeting a month; it is incredible how much time is spent troubleshooting the most basic problems.

No sign of life?  Check that the equipment is switched on.

No picture?  Check that the camera is switched on,

No sound.  Check speakers and volume. Is the mic on mute?

And the most helpful instruction we can offer for all for general troubleshooting.  Walk around to the back of the equipment, are there any cables unplugged?  Check all connections.

The sign at the ABC facility is very appropriate and hopefully puts anyone off from fiddling with the cables!