Video conferencing makes for efficient meetings

The benefits of video conference solutions in making meetings more effective have been expounded by a performance improvement company.

Donna Merrick of Consult Capital spoke to Fresh Business Thinking about ways in which meetings can be improved, given how many employees are beginning to consider them as a “waste of time”.

One of her suggestions when considering the most convenient meeting location is to make use of “teleconferencing”, which has been “massively beneficial in terms of facilitating efficient meetings.”

Firstly, Ms Merrick highlighted the fact that using such solutions saves time and money. It brings together people from different sites, cost-efficiently and immediately.

She also asserted that teleconferencing can maintain the productivity of employees, no doubt through quicker decision times and less time wasted getting to or from unnecessary meetings.

Lastly, she emphasised the huge advantage of being able to include people who were previously excluded due to distance, customers, suppliers or colleagues who are based overseas, for example.

Other tips that have been suggested to get most out of a meeting – which could be applied to those held via video conference – is to issue and agenda “with specific times allocated for each item”, Business 4 U says. This helps not only to prepare all delegates for the meeting, but prevents is from running over schedule.

Additionally, meeting organisers need to consider an appropriate time of the day to hold the discussion, bearing in mind any time or working week differences.