BBC show salvaged by video conferencing

Popular television chat show ‘Friday Night with Jonathan Ross’, was saved from embarrassment last Friday by video conferencing technology.

With flight disruptions and cancellations still rife due to the volcanic ash cloud, it was confirmed that the show’s planned guests would not be able to fly in from America. In light of this, the BBC arranged for three A list Hollywood stars to speak in video conference studios via a satellite link up with Ross.

Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jnr all spoke from video conferencing facilities in the USA. Joining the soon to be departing host in the studio was Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson and Pineapple Dance Studio favourite Louie Spence.

Iron Man 2 was the main topic of discussion for Paltrow and Downey, with Ms Paltrow admitting she would like to have seen even more action and extravagant costumes in the film.

Speaking of her home life, Demi Moore commented that the secret to a happy marriage is putting the kids first and told Ross how she was going to seek revenge on husband Ashton Kutcher for posting that infamous knickers picture on Twitter.

Video conferencing technology allowed the show to host its most famous cast of stars yet, bolstering viewing figures and raising the profile of an innovation that is normally associated with business.