Bank of America to use Cisco

Bank of America’s video conferencing network will be largest in world

The Bank of America has announced that it will deploy the largest network of Cisco telepresence systems in the world.

Over 200 units are to be installed across the banks global operations by the end of 2010 as part of an agreement between the venerable financial institution and Cisco, a leading developer of network communications and video conferencing technology.

The Bank says that it will use high quality video conferencing facilities at various branches around the world to enhance associate and team collaboration. By using telepresence technology, the Bank hopes to link it’s global workforce whilst reducing the need to travel.

Currently, the Bank of America uses 28 telepresence systems. It aims to make them the high-definition video and audio systems, where people appear to be sat around a virtual conference table, the new standard across its video conferencing facilities. The meeting rooms will have several configurations, with meeting capacity between six participants in the smallest and 18 participants in the largest.

The Bank of America’s chief technology officer, Marc Gordon, said that the deployment would “help our associates collaborate and integrate even more effectively.”

“The technology will also help associates better manage work-life balance by providing flexible meeting options, and in some cases reducing the need to travel. When telepresence helps reduce travel, it also supports out commitment to address climate change” he said.