American drivers waste 70 hours in traffic every year

Drivers in America’s busiest cities waste 70 hours every year stuck in traffic jams, according to a nationwide study. That’s the equivalent of two working weeks wasted every year sat bumper to bumper with other cars. The average driver faces 34 hours of traffic a year.

As a result, drivers are forced to waste an average of $808 on fuel when their cars idle over, which means traffic isn’t just frustrating, but expensive too. According to The Daily Mail, the total amount of wasted fuel in 2009 topped 3.9 billion gallons, which is equal to 130 days of flow in the Alaska pipeline!

The news might convince commuters that there is another way, and encourage them to consider video conferencing as an alternative to a slow, lengthy drive to a business meeting.

The research from the Texas Transportation Institute revealed that drivers in major cities are doing just that; looking into ways to get motorists off the roads.

Researchers explained: “After two years of slight declines in overall traffic congestion – attributable to the economic downturn and high fuel prices – leading indicators suggest that as the economy rebounds, traffic problems are doing the same.”

The difference varied greatly depending on the location, with Chicago and Washington D.C faring the worst. Drivers in LA face 63 hours of every year stuck in traffic, and 42 hours if they’re driving in New York.