Africa embracing video conferencing, says expert

Increased costs of travel and security threats in Africa have driven growth in the video conferencing market, All Africa reported.

Falling internet costs have also driven growth of conferencing services, as well as a government which is slowly embracing information communication technology.

Ahmed Ben Bella, an industry insider, noted that the industry has seen a rapid rise in the region due to these factors: “Kenya has become a hub for multinationals and international organisations operating in the East African region.”

“There are important installations that need enhanced security and this is driving demand for CCVV cameras and other security equipment,” he said.

In the last few years, companies have become more appreciative of the importance of telepresence, video conferencing, broadcasting equipment and a variety of digital communications.

Bella believes that video conferencing will be the basis for the “next big fight for market share.”

This news followed a report in Greenwise Business, which confirmed companies are cutting back on flying to clients in favour of using video conferencing. Over 150 companies were surveyed in the report, all of which are among the 500 largest in the UK.

David Norman, director of campaigns for the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) UK, made a statement confirming the motivation behind the results; claiming: “Many have found that cutting business flights can be both good for the planet and good for business.”