A typical day – view from the Eyenetwork office

So today at Eyenetwork we…..

Setup 56 video conference meetings using public facilities in 15 countries, of which 5 were legal cases, 2 were conferences for Global institutions, 2 for law firms, 3 for UN organisations, 5 for recruitment agencies, shall I go on?

Additionally we managed and monitored 28 video bridge connections for a total of 2072 minutes, tested  and completed 14 laptop connections and, of course, after ironing out any issues during testing they all worked without a hitch.

Our clients could have been travelling approximately 30,000 in air miles, 3000 miles on the road add in a few trains, buses, taxes the odd rushed walk in the rain, mounting up to 100’s of hours wasted travel time and £1000’s spent on expenses.

Instead our clients took a  short trip to a VC room, or a couple of clicks on their laptop, settled down with a cup of coffee and let Eyenetwork do the rest.

Not to mention significantly reducing carbon emissions and making a planet that little bit greener.

All in a day’s work, and we get to do it all again tomorrow.