20 per cent growth for European video conferencing market

Newly-published figures have shown that the European market for video conferencing has grown by 20 per cent.

Research by business growth company Frost & Sullivan suggested that in 2010, the European video conferencing market registered a value of $518.3 million (£320.6 million); a growth of 20.3 per cent on 2009’s figures.

With the technology used in making video calls improving, and the network connections becoming faster, the growth of video conferencing is set to continue once 2011’s figures are released – or even grow further on top of the figures already registered.

Demand for the technology has been put down to the lower costs it can offer businesses; as well as the green credentials it can offer them in the face of pressure from environmental agencies and governments alike, helping to lower their carbon emissions and improve their standing as a “green” business.

Frost & Sullivan’s research analyst, Iwona Petruczynik, told Newswire Today how this growth is set to continue, explaining: “The need for companies to reduce their travel cost while maintaining communication with their workers and clients will drive the European video conferencing endpoints market.”

“Increasingly stringent environment policies imposed by the European Parliament will also promote market development.”

Speaking to, Petruczynik also added that it is not only traditional businesses which can benefit from the technology.

“Educators can use video conferencing as a convenient method for interactive access to classes, meetings and distance learning,” she said; “while physicians can leverage it to provide consultations and patient diagnostics.”

“Courts can deploy it to increase prison security and conduct video arrangements, while government offices can employ it to track daily strategic missions.”